automated measurements
of global asteroseismic parameters

Asteroseismology, or the study of stellar oscillations, is a powerful tool for studying the internal structure of stars and determining their fundamental properties. For stars similar to the Sun, turbulent near-surface convection excites sound waves that propagate within the stellar cavity, and hence provides powerful constraints on stellar interiors that are inaccessible by any other means. Asteroseismology is now widely-accepted as the gold standard for the characterization of fundamental stellar properties (e.g., masses, radii, ages, etc.). In an effort to make asteroseismology more accessible to the broader astronomy community, pySYD was developed as a Python package to automatically detect solar-like oscillations and characterize their global properties.


The pySYD documentation is currently being revamped – we apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may cause but appreciate your understanding!

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