Automated Measurements
of Global Asteroseismic Parameters

pySYD is an open-source python package to detect solar-like oscillations and measure global asteroseismic parameters. pySYD provides best-fit values and uncertainties for the following parameters:

  • Granulation background, including timescales and amplitudes

  • Frequency of maximum power

  • Large frequency separation

  • Mean oscillation amplitudes

For a basic introduction to these parameters and asteroseismic data analysis of solar-like oscillators see Bedding et al. 2014.

pySYD is a python-based implementation of the IDL-based SYD pipeline (Huber et al. 2009), which was extensively used to measure asteroseismic parameters for Kepler stars. Papers based on asteroseismic parameters measured using the SYD pipeline include Huber et al. 2011, Chaplin et al. 2014, Serenelli et al. 2017 and Yu et al. 2018.

pySYD adapts the well-tested methodology from SYD while also improving these existing analyses and expanding upon numerous new (optional) features. Improvements include:

  • Statistical best-fit background model selection

  • Easily accessible + command-line friendly

  • Ability to save samples for further analyses

Please cite our recent JOSS paper Chontos+2021 as well as Huber+2009 if you make use of pySYD in your work.

Code contributions are welcome and should be submitted as a pull request.

Bug reports and feature requests should be posted to the GitHub issue tracker.


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